PHV License Tests

What is the PHV license test?

The PHV (Private Hire Vehicle) test is there to ensure the safety of you and your drivers. It checks the road-worthiness of you vehicle and ensures the vehicle complies with all the rules relating to working as PHV driver.

When do I have to do the PHV test?

The PHV test must be done every year. This must be done before the previous year’s license expires.

What do I need for the PHV test?

  1. You must have a copy of the V5 (logbook) for the vehicle.
  2. An original printout of a current hire and reward insurance policy.
  3. The original PHV license from the year before.
  4. An MOT certificate – this must been done within two weeks of your PHV test.

How do I book a PHV test?

As a customer of Upfront, we will book the test on your behalf (and pay for it too). You can collect the documents needed from us any time before the test.


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