Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs)

What is a PCN?

A PCN or penalty charge notice is issued to drivers who fail to obey a variety of rules relating to driving and parking.

How do I get them?

There are many ways to get a PCN. This could be for: parking in the wrong place (or at the wrong time); for stopping on a red route or bus stop (depending on the restrictions); for overstaying at a car park; for turning the wrong way at a one-way turn and many more.

Who pays for them?

Upfront received all PCNs to drivers. Unless they can be appealed, we will pay all PCNs immediately and then the driver will pay the following week.

Can I appeal?

While all tickets can be appealed it is often a waste of time. For example, if you have been photographed stopping in a yellow box junction, there is no appeal to be made. You are not allowed in a yellow box junction until the exit is clear so there is never an excuse for stopping on such a junction. Upfront reviews all PCNs and will appeal where possible.

How do I avoid PCNs?

The most important thing is to read the signs on the road. Make sure you understand the rules before you start driving.


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