English Language Requirement

What is the English Language Requirement for PCO drivers?

TFL have introduced a rule for PHV drivers that requires all PCO drivers to comply with basic English language requirements.

Does this apply to me?

If you already held a PCO license before 14th October 2016, you only need to prove that you comply with the new requirement when you renew your license.

For drivers that received their PCO license after 14th October 2016, you have until 30th September 2017 to prove that you comply with the new rules.

For new applications after 30th September 2017, the English language test will become part of the application process.

Do I already qualify?

If you have any of the following qualifications and they were taught in English (the subject is irrelevant), then you automatically qualify.

UK BA Hons, BSC Hons or higher degree


SELT certificate at B1 level or higher, issued by Trinity College London or IELTS showing proficiency in reading, writing, speaking and listening.

I have one of the qualifications but I have lost my certificate, what can I do?

Don’t worry – speak to AQA who will be able to help you get a replacement certificate.

How do I get qualified?

At the present moment in time, there are currently two approved English language test providers: Trinity College London and IELTS (International English Language Test System).

How much will the English test cost?

The test must be completed at a provider appointed by TfL and is expected to cost applicants between £180 and £200.



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